Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Commercial Sewing Machine

I was featured in this beautiful treasury created by windowseatbooks. She did a great job with this color scheme. Love the woodsy feel to the whole thing with the red and green compliments.I am feeling very tired tonight. I think that the weekend is finally catching up to me. I spent some time prepping the garden turning over the soil. What a beautiful hot day! Perfect day to spend outside. On Saturday morning I drove 3 hours to Stockton and back to pick up my new industrial sewing machine. I am sooo exited! Cant wait to use it. I have been cleaning up my workshop and getting everything reorganized since it is fairly large and takes up a good amount of space. You wont even believe what this machine will do for the quality of my work! The stitching is beautiful!! It will sew through even the thickest leather like butter. And this machine is brand new, barely used, straight from a sewing school. When I sat down at the machine and test drove it, I knew I wouldn't be leaving without it. I don't know how other than to describe it than say its like driving a nice Mercedes. This is not any typical machine, so much power to it. There is no comparison to the home singer that I have been using. This machine is 20x better! Well worth every penny! Here is a picture of the new machine in its new home:) I cant wait to get to work and show you what it can do! I will be practicing sewing with it lots!! It will take a little time to get used to.

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