Monday, May 4, 2009

Indie Sacramento Craft Fair

I have been planning on participating in the Indie Sacramento craft fair for over a month now and it was finally here.
I decided to make the whole trip a family event as well and and brought my husband and kids and stayed in Colfax at my in laws on their beautiful property which is on the way to Sacramento. The first photo was taken in their driveway on the way out to the show on Saturday morning. My camera is not so good with distance ; a little blurry, but here are the deer I saw as I drove out on Saturday morning in the rain. I thought that the rain was suppose to stop on Saturday for awhile but . . . . . . .

it rained the entire time. It never stopped, not even for a little break. I did not have a canopy but managed somehow to stay dry under a tree. I thought it was a good turn out and was a surprised that people were out shopping. I had a great time meeting new people and other Etsy crafters and all the people who stopped by my booth to look at my work. See Photos from the event at the link below.
Here is a flickr slideshow and gallery of the entire event.

After the show I returned to Colfax and visited with the family and did some relaxing. The kids had a chance to play ball once the rain let up on Sunday before heading back to Reno. The geese with their little babies were so cute to watch.

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