Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Color combo

Another color combo I am working on. Its a raspberry red vinyl which is very soft and a nice color change from red red. I spent the afternoon yesterday at LaBussola painting my wall and marking up the beginnings of my flower logo to be painted today. Its going to be 60" diameter and I was having trouble marking up the petals this big in proportion on the wall which I am doing freehand, so my husband helped me out a bunch and now I have my 30 degrees intervals marked and I am ready to work! I will be taking photos today of my progress. I am hoping to get the flower completely painted today, and tomorrow will be just a touch up day before moving all my merchandise in. Here is a pencil and computer drawing I will be using for reference to
mark it up on the wall.

My friend Kelli from "Cake Box Cookies" told me that my purse that was on the front page of Etsy yesterday! That was a nice surpise. Check out Kelli's shop on Etsy here. She makes amazing shortbread cookies!!!


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