Friday, March 27, 2009

Custom Work In Progress!!

Lots of flower cutting today!! All my flowers are individually cut by hand. 15 bags to make in 3 weeks. All different color combos. Yikes!!! Its fun though! Keep those orders coming! I am thankful for the sales that I have had in the last week. Business seems to be slow everywhere and was wondering when things would return to normal so this is good. I will take all the work I can get right now:) Would love to hear how business is going in general for other artists and crafters. If you want to leave a comment or e-mail me, please do. I will be posting some photos soon of the work I am doing, but will be busy busy busy, too busy for blogging for awhile. I haven't disappeared completely, I'm just getting things done.

1 comment:

Artfulife said...

Wow your work is amazing! Your darling black bag & all of those colorful purses! I am glad I was able to meet all of you also. Thanks for taking the time to contact me. I look forward to getting to know all of you in the local etsy team. I've added you as a link and I hope in the next few weeks I can feature you & your art bags & purses on my blog. Hope you have a fun and creative rest of the weekend.


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