Monday, February 2, 2009

My Ideas On Paper

I was having a very difficult time yesterday trying to get motivated to create something. Nothing was inspiring me. I guess its called artist's block. My sweet daughter said, "Don't worry mom, it will come to you." And I thought for a minute and realized that I have been forgetting the most important part of my creative development of ideas, and that is ...simply getting them down on paper, so that's what I did. I am not sure how I let this slip out of my life. Let's just say that many many things are distracting me in my life right now and my nightly sketching just sort of took a back seat for awhile creating a big roadblock for me. Now I can start moving forward again with ideas and get that all flowing again. I am not sure how I have been getting by in the last few months without it. Its so important for my creative process to keep drawing and dreaming up ideas. I am sure many of you artists can relate to this. With that all said, you should be assured that you will see a tremendous amount of new bags being made in the next month. It's about time!

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