Sunday, November 2, 2008

What a Halloween!

I had a very busy and interesting Halloween! Had a great time out with the kids and my husband. After returning home with the kids I rushed my daughter off to the ER at midnight with severe stomach pains and vomiting. Thought maybe it was food poisoning but after hrs the pain was much worse. Sat for over 7 hours with her (till 7am) at her bedside in the hosp. and returned home to get some much needed sleep. After many tests we found that she had a kidney stone and an ovarian cyst and there was nothing they could do. I guess it is something that will just pass on its own and need some follow up dr. visits. I have been playing super mom since, and she is now feeling much better. What a weekend!
There is something very special about being a mom and caring for your children when they are ill. As they get older I cherish the times that I can give them my full attention and pamper them. Someday very soon they will be grown and will move on to make families of their own so I do treasure these days. Speaking of "treasure"......

I returned to many e-mails and found that one of my small card cases is featured in a beautiful treasury that was created by Knme.
This is a very nice choice of color combination that she put together.
Thanks Knme!

Click on the photograph for a larger view

I will be working on another handbag this afternoon when I get some free time. Update coming soon.

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