Monday, November 17, 2008

Reverse Stag Applique

I forgot how much I enjoy reverse applique. Its been a long while. In fact when I first started to sew that is all I did. So tonight I asked my daughter for help in drawing some deer out for me. First I cut a piece of cardboard out that I was going to use as the template and had her draw on it., After she was finished I cut it out with and xacto blade. Then I transferred it onto the back of this cool snake skin print vinyl. Next I cut the entire piece out again this time with scissors making sure to keep the inner pieces for the details. I layed the piece upside down and applied no sew washable glue to the edges and then pressed a piece of black vinyl to it. Then I machine appliqued around the entire piece; and the next step , which I just finished was to apply the inner detail pieces. Tomorrow I will be sewing these down and finishing up the zipper pouch. What a big project though. The best thing for me to do when I start big projects like this is to not think about all the work and just do it and then its finished before I know it.

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