Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Hand Painted Bag

I am making a new mess. I have been invited to show my work at ArtSource gallery on December 12, and have only a couple weeks to get ready for it so I will be working on many newly painted bags. The painted bags were also a request form the boutique since many of the shoppers tend to like this style I have created. You can see here I am creating the painted foundation background. I also used a garden knee pad and carved out some new handmade stamps to use for this piece once the paint dries. I am heading out right now for a much needed massage. Its been almost a year. I had a nice Thanksgiving with family out of town and a nice break away from work and now its time to get busy again. I will be posting some progress pictures soon.

I also did a little shopping on Etsy this morning and this is what I found. A beautiful tree ornament made from sea urchins. I love this! I bought it as a gift for a very dear friend and her family. This was created by etsy seller Gifts&Stars. They have some very beautiful pieces made in Turkey. They have another etsy shop with some very unique and original jewelry pieces.
I am so happy I found them.

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Star of the East said...

Got a Google alert, thank you so much for this sweet feature!


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