Friday, September 5, 2008

Is it Friday Already?

Wow! Its seems like I have been in another world that last few days. It went by so fast. Now that my studio space is clean and organized, it's time to work on some new projects. Today I am planning on completing the black leather flower accented bag; I finished the flowers a while ago but never completed the bag. Its time to get it done. I started on my quilting group challenge project last night and I chose my "in laws" cute little dog for the focal point in this one.(see photo) and yesterday I gathered lots of tomatoes and some squash from the garden and topped all my plants and new blossoms so that the energy is directed to the fruit that has already been producing. It will be getting cold soon and green tomatoes aren't very appealing to me. Even with the late season we had this year I am still happy with what the garden has produced so far, but I will still be making changes to the garden for next year. I am always learning something new. I just don't have as much time for gardening as I use to.

The balloon Races are here! I will be getting up at 4am tomorrow and leaving for the field to watch them all take off with the kids. That means I should get to bed earlier, ouch I have been staying up till 1am the last 2 nights cleaning and organizing. I received some of my brochures last night so I was folding some of those last night and packaged them up for shipping off to family today. I am ready for a nap right now:)

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