Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fabric Photo Album

I am just about finished with my moms birthday gift. I made this fabric album with about 8 of my favorite images that I took into photoshop and then printed them onto fabric transfer paper. Each page has its own special fabric and the outside is decorated with beads with a window cutout for the front. This is a photo of the first page and you can see that I used grommets and secured the pages with a ribbon.

I think it would be fun to custom make these for special events like weddings etc. I hope that she likes it. She doesn't read my blog regular so I am glad that I am able to share it here without ruining the surprise.


Bunny B said...

hee hee... Hope your mom's not sneaky! Happy Birthday to her! :) said...

Aw thank you. That was very sweet of you.


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