Saturday, August 2, 2008

My new bag and ComicCon

Here it is, I finished my bag but need to finish the other one for my shop. Now I can start getting more organized with some custom card holders and makeup case. The other pictures are of my daughter at Comic Con with Transformers artist Casey Coller and the other photos is of her holding a macaw at Seaport Village on the walk to the convention center. I love that photograph. If you have never been to Comic Con the other photo gives you an idea of what its like. Amazing talent.People come from all over for this event. Artists are everywhere selling their work, giving autographs and some of them actually put on classes. Lots of freebies! Lots of costumes!I think I am going to be making a costume for her next year. I am not sure I am ready for it:0 This year my family went the entire 4 days so they could get the most of it. You almost have to do that in order to see everything. Its so huge and soooooo many people. Lots of walking and so much to see.

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