Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Progress

Here is another progress photo. I spent the morning doing watercolor and I am finally getting back to work on this lovely red bag. I am sewing the front pocket on at the moment. I am using a different silver clasp for the front and am almost done with this part. Next part will be making the big buckle and then choosing a liner and making the zipper pockets and also any extras I think might be good for inside.
Lastly I will sew it up and then
add the handles. Can't wait to share the completed bag. I am curious to see if this bag will be as nice as the last one? I made a few alterations from the other bag, like this one is done in half fabric and half leather on the outside and just a bit taller but not much.
Something exciting happened today while I was watering. I got stung by a bee that was on one if the sunflowers I just brushed up against.. I know, exciting? But this has not happened to me in so long. It use to be a regular occurance as a small child. I was always getting stung. Another vivid thing I remember is stepping on my mom's rose branch clippings bare foot as I played on the lawn and it happened more than once. Ouch! Any ways I wanted to share with you my most favorite flowers in the garden. If I could only grow 3 flowers, it would be these.

Bright lights orange cosmos, teddy bear sunflowers, and then these mini sunflowers that are tall and have multi branches. All the sunflowers are going crazy right now and the cosmos are exploding. I love them so much, that this year I planted them all around the edge of the planter box so they are just spilling out the entire way around. I hope to get some better pics later as they continue to bloom and add them to my flickr account.

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