Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Progress

Just about ready to post the new bag, but I am waiting for the glue to dry on the handles before I sew them and complete the bag. I realized today that you must be a good problem solver to be a seamstress or sewer of any kind. I think it requires a tremendous amount of skill at times and can be challenging. Wow! Lets just say that I survived and I am more than happy with how it came out. Here are some progress photos along the way.

1.) Turn lock clasps I found at Mill End Fabrics (love that store!) The guy at Tandy said I needed a special machine to make them work- well, I figured out a way:)
2.) The turn lock in place with the leather sandwiched between.
3.) This is the part that would not work so I had to be creative and figure something out.
4.) Sewed up the gusset on the front pocket
5.) Getting ready to sew the pocket to the front of the bag.
6.) Applied Domed feet to the bottom
7.) Making a zippered pocket for the inside liner.
8.) Making an large pocket for the other side of the bag inside.
9.) Decided to add a large buckle to the front- this is how the bag closes

I bought my daughter a canvas backpack for school and she decide that she wanted to put Transformers all over it and personalize it so I made a stencil from a printout and we applied it to the bag. Its looks pretty cool so far. I am sure she will be coming home with requests from friends. She is beginning to sew some other figures to the bag with embroidery thread. She has more patience than I do.

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