Thursday, July 24, 2008

Your Opinion Wanted For Next Bag

Its been fun gathering opinions on your fabric choices, but I need more votes. This is not going quite like I imagined it would, but I appreciate all your comments. Maybe this was a silly idea after all? I will more than likely select something as soon as it has at least 2 votes but right now things aren't looking good:( Please vote if you get the chance.- thanks

Right now there is one vote for each of the following

I thought it would be kind of fun to post some fabrics I have lined up for the next bag and see what your favorites are. The fabric with the most votes wins and will be used to make the next bag I choose and so on. If you want to participate in this look at at the photos and corresponding letters and send your favorite letter in a comment to me:) Thanks for participating.

For some examples of what I have made previously using 3 of the fabrics listed above click on the letters below
( L )
( K )
( I )


Bunny B said...

I vote for A.
Kinda plain though, huh? :P said...

Hello- bunnyb , You were reading my mind. I was thinking to use the brown leather next too. "Plain" really depends on what you do with the design:) Every fabric looks plain by itself, but brown leather is classic and can be beautiful just as is. Thanks for your vote - Pamela

Lyn said...

I like B! I just love the colour =D said...

Thanks lyn for your feedback. Its fun and interesting to hear everyones different opinions. I like them all, Its just hard sometimes to make a decision on only one. Thanks again for commenting.

Beth Norman said...


Toni said...

I like them all, but I think my favorite is F. said...

Hi Beth- Thanks for stopping by and letting me know which fabric is your fav. I can tell you have a wild side of you. Bright, Bold and Funky as you put it:) I love that fabric too! Your work is so nice, do you sell your work anywhere, or just for fun? Thanks again - Pamela


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