Sunday, July 6, 2008

The weekend

Had a relaxing weekend. Its always nice when there is a holiday thrown into my busy schedule forcing me to stop and refresh. I spent time at the ranch in Colfax with my mother and father in laws and lots of other family. I love the property they own, its so nice to get away and visit, Its like camping in your own yard on 26 acres of paradise, with dear, coyotes, bear and mountain lion roaming the property. You never know what you will see. My daughter brought back 3 rattlesnake skins which were 3.5 feet long after roaming around taking pictures. Huge snakes around there! Not the nicest snakes either. I don't like rattlesnakes!
I am not to fond of anything except the deer. I did manage to take a picture of one this morning but didn't get the baby fawn which disappeared quickly into the trees. Still had its spots. A year ago I ran into the mountain lion when I was exiting the motor home and it leaped a 15 foot fence escaping before my husband was able to take its picture. It makes you a little more cautious about wandering around or letting your children out of your sight for too long.
I spent some time taking pictures of the dragonflies zipping around the pond.. wow they are quick! This one looks like he is playing the flute. I am happy to be back at home and start back to work tomorrow.

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