Thursday, July 31, 2008

Small Delay

Busy day today. I got lots done!! Picked up the other half of my family at the airport this morning. They have been in San Diego for Comic Con for a week and a half. Something that has turned into a yearly event for us! I decided to stay home this year and get some other things done. I went last year. When I get a hold of some photos I will post them on my flicker account and maybe here. Its an amazing event !! Lots of people and lots of awesome artists. If you want to be inspired then that is the place to go. I spent a lot of time outside today, mowing, weeding and getting things cleaned up a bit. I worked some more on the black bag today but have come to the sad realization that I don't have black leather big enough to make the handles so I may not get it finished until next week:( I will be working on a custom order tomorrow and probably start on a couple other things while I hunt the black leather down. My work area has managed to become extremely messy this week so I will be busy with some organization as well. The most annoying thing about sewing is the trailing pieces of thread that follow me everywhere I go:)

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