Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Random Project

Not sure where this idea came from. I visited a friend this afternoon who is a big inspiration to me! She gave me some great advise on the girl in the garden fabric collage I was working on last week so I will be attempting to quilt it soon. I don't consider myself a quilter but I do like the art quilting and love to experiement with fabric collage. I was thinking about a butterfly project today and suddenly I thought of this image. I am making the tree out of some scrap leather I just used on another bag in progress and I am finally using the pinking sheers I bought to create some flowers and leaves. The leaves in the tree are a combination of leather, ultrasuede, denim and upholstery. I painted the background in a golden yellow adding texture and was thinking of applying some copy in some bright colors. This is a combination of a couple sketches I had drawn up a long time ago so I am glad I am playing some more. I didn't really plan on doing a project like this and it is completely random, I have to say that even without thinking the paints ended up in my hands and I had to just go with it.
This will more than likely become a wall hanging. It is amazing at where a little inspiration will take you.

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