Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Amazing.. that 100 petals looks like this when everything finally gets put together.. where did they all go? They are going to look so cool though. and I found out that I am short 4 small petals. Now how did that happen?

I have been told that I am crazy today because of all the work that I am doing on these bags. Oh well, that's ok because I love it. Not everyone enjoys this kind of work and it does take a lot of patience. I cut 100 petals and doubled them up to make a total of 50 petals, each contrasting the sueded and the leather side. Then stitched each doubled petal by machine. I am currently arranging the larger petals in groups of five and with be layering those with the smaller petals tomorrow. I have an extremely busy day tomorrow and don't think I will be able to work on these until later in the evening but I do plan on completing them tomorrow:)

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