Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Different Kind of Challenge -Palchemy

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to get my Palchemy project finished. My partner sent me a big pile of junk and the challenge was to make something with it and list it in my etsy "art shop" for sale. Well here it is. I couldn't think of any other ways of putting the junk to use other than making an art doll out of it. This is something completely out of my comfort zone and was a real challenge working with supplies that really made no sense. There is still a lot of junk left over but the goal was to use some of the junk, not all of it and you could mix it with your own materials. I used some yellow microfiber and painted it with fabric paints and a brayer. Then stitched it together and stuffed it with soft filler and some plastic beans in the bottom to keep it sitting without falling over. I used the ties and braided them and attached to head. The lace and ribbon was used for arms and added tassels for hands. The legs are braided with scrap leather, fabrics and ribbon. The face is a patch of leather hand painted and beads and other misc items were hand sewn to the front of the body.

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