Monday, June 23, 2008

Woke up really too early this morning. I went out to the garden and took a few snapshots before heading out to Verdi. The sugar snap peas are climbing, my favorite things to grow! I just love how they wrap themselves around anything they can find. They are so yummy to eat fresh out of the garden. No blooms yet, maybe another couple weeks. I hope. The saddle bag I made was a big hit in Verdi this morning. And just as I was leaving I received a custom order to make another one. I am not looking forward to machine issues in sewing the thick leather but I cannot turn down a job like this. I love to do this type of thing. What a beautiful place! I miss southern California but I admit that there is nothing as beautiful as the sierras and the surrounding areas. Here is a photo that I took in Verdi a I was leaving this morning. You can see the haze of smoke in the distance from the fires in California. Today I hope to finish up the yellow and purple bag and get it posted in my shop, so off to work I go..

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