Sunday, June 1, 2008

Starting With Scraps

Planted some basil and parsley today and got my studio organized and ready for more work. Here is a photo and you can see that I have a basket of leather scraps all ready to be cut into my flower petals for the new purse that I am starting tonight. I chose dark espresso brown for the background and will be using this red/rust color leather. On another note...I decided to enter a handbag contest which takes place in August in which I will be donating 3 bags to and getting things ready for a feature for a handbag designer website. I will keep you posted as things begin to happen and will post the bags before they are send off. I am very excited about getting more exposure and participating in public shows etc. so I will be exploring these areas more this year. If anyone knows of any shows or contests I might be interested please send me an e-mail. Looking forward to this new week of work as I begin to fill my shop up with some new items. Check back tomorrow for more progress pictures. Hope to get lots accomplished tonight.

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