Friday, June 20, 2008

No Plan, Just Play

Not sure where this one is going. I have some purple leather that I spray painted blue and I began cutting it into petals. *Off the subject for a minute here*.. wow I am sitting here with the summer breeze coming through the window and the honeysuckle is unbelievable. The smell is amazing!! Wish I could put it through the computer for you! Ok back to the subject ... So, I am just cutting shapes right now and this bag is layed out flat and will become just like the longer bags that I made the other day only I shortened it up a bit to see how I like it. Everything else will remain the same. After I apply the art the way I like it I will machine sew everything to the yellow leather background and fold the piece in half and apply the inside structure and apply the sides. I am going to just continue here laying down shapes and see where this takes me. You know sometimes my best work comes out of just playing like this without a real plan in mind. We will see tomorrow..

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