Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Progress On Custom Bag

I know I mentioned this before, that I am working on a custom bag. My client provided a photograph and so I am trying my best to duplicate it but not copy everything. It is suppose to be more of an inspirational piece and I am learning a ton from it. The biggest challenge with doing this bag was all the procrastinating I did, thinking I was going to mess it up somehow but it has gone very well so far. Here you can see that the sides are drying with big metal clips before I attach more eyelets tomorrow. I have one more bag like this to make in a blue with white leather trim which should be completed sometime in the first or second week of June.

Burrrr! Its been so cold out and it feels like winter all over again. I hope that my garden is ok tonight. I think it is suppose to be cold all week. Perfect for catching up on things inside I guess. It cant last much longer, can it?

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