Friday, April 18, 2008

Change In Weather

Here is another progress shot of the 2 crows together for the custom bag I am making. And a photo of a misc. project I thought I would work on later this afternoon.
Here is a piece of fabric that I decide to paint and use some handmade stamps and my logo from a paper stencil I made. I am now doing some stitching around the flower to outline a bit. I will be adding more decorative stitches and possibly a red zipper to the front in a vertical format. With all the custom orders I am working on I need to find time to play, so this is the project for this afternoon. Hope to have a completed bag by tomorrow?

Yesterday I spent 4 hrs working on a project with a friend. I volunteered to help her on a project getting it ready for production for the sign shop.(since I am an ex graphic designer)
I have been downloading fonts and searching for languages in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew,Russian, German and many others and formatting it in Illustrator for her. She will be getting stencils made in the words "Holy Spirit" and creating a banner illustrating
Pentecost for her church in all the languages. She is an unbelievable art quilter and is a great inspiration to me. I believe it was going to cost her a high hourly production rate so I am glad I could help her out. So that was my day yesterday. It was nice to actually have an excuse to take some time off.

The change in the weather has made me want to work a little less. Yesterday I took a 1hr hike up on Peavine Mountain after working for 4 hours on my friends project and I am just about to go on another one. Its so nice out, its hard to work inside on projects.
Some other news. I just added some more memory to my computer so its super fast now. It will make uploading pictures and working so much nicer.

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