Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Scrap patchwork tote

Progress! I just started this today. I am already excited at how this is going to come out. Nice big bag of scrap leather and upholstery. Every time I have a project I throw the scraps in here. It works out really nice for projects like this one. I love this bag of scraps. Isn't it beautiful!!!

I never thought I would have the patience to make tiny little squares but they are really fun to make once you get the squares all layed out and in place. Then I get to sew them each down individually,Yay! The work in this one is going to be the piecing of the squares first since they are all different sizes.


MyArtInProgress said...

every time i look at your blog you inspire me to learn to sew!! :) Ha maybe someday...

Anonymous said...

what patience!


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