Monday, January 14, 2008

Brown Vinyl and Leather Tote

Well I did finish this one yesterday and made a cute IPod case for my daughter last night. It is an early Valentines Gift with lots of pink and reds in it. Exactly what she does not like, but it was special since I used an old shirt of hers to make it. I will try and sneak a photo of it if I can ever catch her without her IPod. It goes where she goes.
This tote came out nice. A little different than the others I have done. I am working on one today that is mauves, pinks and browns. It so pretty. I love the darker tones and browns. I am already starting to plan for spring and those lighter colors but not making any as of yet. I just picked up a bunch of new fabrics yesterday and cant wait to work with them. I also have some experimental ideas I wanted to try using some of my photography in my work. Well see how that goes. Today I am sort of taking it easy. I am exhausted. Had a busy weekend.

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