Saturday, January 19, 2008

The tulips I that I planted in Oct of 06! Aren't they beautiful! I love red. Now, I thought that growing these was hard but with just a little hold digger and some food they came up first thing in the spring. We have lots of rocks and it took a lot of extra work, but it was sure worth it. I had enough to fill a few vases and take some to friends. I wonder how they will look this year. I will have to compare photos this spring. Hopefully they will have multiplied and it will be amazing. At first when these started to come up we got snow and a heavy freeze and I thought they were dead but they are amazingly hearty and perked right up.

Another tote created yesterday. I like this one. Its very functional and light and the colors are very neutral. I am going to be working on another tote this afternoon after all my many errands I have to do. Yay! I cant wait to sew. I have a nice colorful striped fabric in mind with some nice dark red leather. I may tackle some jewelry too if I feel up to it. I did some pencil sketching last night before bed and may have some good ideas of uses for small scrap leather. We will see.

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