Saturday, January 12, 2008

Today I was looking at old pictures of my garden and missing it. Our photo library is huge and most of the time I never see a photo more than once and then it dissapears into the storage of the computer in some secret hidden space. The number I saw in the top of my gallery window was 19,950 photos. You can say we like to take pictures. That is not even half of it. I have a separate storage drive tucked away with my own pics on them. I am amazed while seeing the last years pictures at how green things are and compared to now especially there is snow on the ground and not much is living. Flowers create so much beauty. I have grown very fond of gardening in the last few years. My goal last summer was to have a cutting garden. One that I am always admiring in magazines. I wanted to bring flowers inside and put into vases. I wanted to feel spoiled every day.

So I planted red tulips in the front and went crazy with sunflowers and zinnias. It was a mass of color. I did not have any idea that it would come out so awesome.

So today I was thinking that it would be fun to create some home picked seed packets and make cute gift bags that would make a unique Mother Day present. I decorated the bags by hand dying paper and fabric and fusing other fabric together then free motion stitching them.
I made the seed packets on my computer and included my garden photography on the backs.
It came out cute. Besides i needed something to post today. My handbags take so long to make that I cant miss a day without posting.

Etsy seems to be slightly addicting and fun.

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