Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Oversize Bag

This is what I worked on yesterday. I love how big it came out. Lots of room inside for stuff. This is another creation from a late night sketches the other night. I really think that the drawing before bed has given me lots of insight and ideas to work with. And they are "original". I bought myself an official hard bound sketchbook from Borders the other day. It is well deserved I think. This bag has lots of detailed handwork in it. I love doing this. I used some keychain links to dress it up.
What else happened? I had a little battle with my sewing machine and won. I was able to switch out some older machine parts with the new ones and was able to avoid the hassle of getting it serviced. I would be without a machine for 2 days and would not know what to do with myself.
I love being able to solve things by myself.

I listed some childrens items today. They are another original creation which I think are so unique and fun. Totes that function as a garden bag and then as an artist tote to carry all their little pens and books and paper in. perfect for keeping them occupied and making them feel all grown up. Cute! Check them out in my Etsy store:)

Lizards Daisies and Toads Totes

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