Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Chocolate Brown Handbag

Well I didn't exactly make what I had in mind, but this came out gorgeous! Its is so soft you would not even believe it was vinyl. Looks a lot like leather, and although I could have made this in leather, I was anxious to try this new fabric. It cut nicely and was able to make flower petals leaving the edges raw so it gives it the look I wanted. The next bag I make is going to have purples or burgandy and reds in it. I am thinking roses again. That is what I originally had in mind. But you know it is alright. As long as I am creating something. I have made a sketch of the bag I am thinking of. I just need to see if I can put it all together. I tend to avoid things when they get complicated, but I have had a very productive last couple of days.
I did not sew at all yesterday. Ughh!
I spent the entire day reorganizing and cleaning up my whole sewing area. It was much needed. After a few projects it begins to overwhelm me. I need a clean space to work and it helps to clear my mind. It was like finding burried treasure. I found lots of missing things.

This morning was filled with preparation and then suddenly the power went out and I was left in silence and the realization that I cannot sew. I cannot even turn the lights on. And it was cold. It made me appreciate electricity so much more. So I cut fabric. Not my favorite thing to do, but it leads into the next best thing. You cant have one without the other right.

To see this bag and other views Click HERE

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